Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.

The 36mm datejust series was always competed by the old factories GM and EW before, Since the second half of last year, as the two top factories VS and Clean joined the 36mm datejust camp, you guys has more choice in this series.

Many friends left a message "I want to see the comparison of 36mm datejust", so the time is coming, let's take a look at the standards of VS and Clean as latecomers, will GM and EW be able to keep the position of the datejust 36mm series?

Without further ado, let's get started.

Front Dial Viewb9a7da64.jpg

Natual Light View

Light View
In terms of dial color, compared with GEN, VS, CLEAN, and EW have better control, and the color is only slightly darker, while GM has the largest color deviation with obvious brown tone.

In addition, the sunburst of GEN is very obvious, while VS and CLEAN is slightly lack of sunburst, and the sunburst of GM and EW is more obvious.

Crystal Side View
a12b0060.jpgIn terms of the edge chamfering of the crystal, the chamfering thickness of GM is the closest to GEN, while Clean and EW are slightly thicker. VS did not process this step.

Bezel Side View
e51ff3b4.jpgThere is no obvious difference in the surface shape of the fluted bezel between factories by the naked eyes. However, they differ in color.

The GEN has a platinum bezel, so it has a distinct yellow hue. The Clean and EW are plated with platinum, which also has a yellow tint. VS and GM ignored this step, so it is silvery white.

Crown and 9 o’clock Stick View
c934a465.jpgFactories are almost the same in Crown’s shape, and the edge chamfering is more obvious of Clean.

For the stick at 9 o’clock, VS and Clean have obvious flaws, as everyone commented on the “mini version of the 9 o’clock stick”, this stick of the two factories are obviously longer and narrower.

In terms of shape and size, GM and EW are obviously closer to GEN. The slight disadvantage is that there is no edge chamfered treatment of EW, while GM is only chamfered the front of stick, but not chamfered the side.

Mimeograph Markers Front View
5782604a.jpgThe black part of the mimeograph stick, factories has a good three-dimensional effect.

In the green outline part, the colors of VS and CLEAN are closest to GEN, GM is darker, and EW is too bright. The difference is not obvious by naked eyes in reality.

When you zoom in the picture, you can see that there are more or less flaws in the replica, which cannot compare with the smoothness of GEN.

Hands Front View
e868045c.jpgThe luminous hands of the factories also have a certain graininess. For the sides of the hands, GEN is very clean, but the factories have some burrs.

Painting Font View
f978026f.jpgConsidering factors such as font shape, fullness, and regularity, we can see that the mimeographs made by the four factories performed very well.

Middle Axis View
0fee18e1.jpgFor middle axis, Clean is the most similar shape with GEN, if the solid axis of Clean is raised a little more, it can be said to be almost exactly the same with GEN.

In contrast, the other three factories are slightly different. The treatment of VSF is very neat, while there are obvious weld marks on the middle axis of GM and EW.

Rehaut Side View
a7977134.jpgAlthough the factories are different in engraving of rehaut, it is difficult to see the difference by naked eyes. The serial number of GM appears to be slightly thinner.

Calender Window View
ac371aa2.jpgFor calender window, there are blue light coating of the three factories except for the GM. In terms of shape, there is no big difference of the four factories.

Case Side View
b021d803.jpgFor the shape of the case side, you guys could compare them directly if interested in.

SEL View
48cbaa67.jpgWe can see from the first picture, for the truncation surface layers of bezel edge, VS is the closest to GEN (GEN has three layers)

While the other three factories only have the same side layers as GEN, and did not show the bottom layering.

In terms of the junction of the strap and the lugs, all factories are basically consistent with the GEN factory in the height of protrusion.

Caseback View

Bracelet Details View
648bda51.jpgIn general, Clean and VS do better in the engraving inside the buckle. They perform well, both in terms of shape and depth. GM and EW is slightly insufficient in this part.

Laser Mark and Lume View
950acdba.jpgFor laser marker, although the shape of EW is not exactly same as GEN, it is the closest to GEN, especially the whole shape looks like a messy arrangement.

We can zoom in the luminous picture and check the luminous effect carefully. The graininess of replicas is very clear.

Data Comparison View
5cfdf379.jpg(Note: All measurements are in a clamped state, and there may be tolerance due to slight deviations in the position of the caliper. All protective films on steel strap of replicas are not torn off.)

Well, this is today’s post, thank you guys for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replicas and GEN, which is for you guys to better choose your favorite replicas.

(Note: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the angle of the light. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)

By the way, I’d like to share the recent market situation. Due to the uncertain delivery time of some factories, the overall delivery time has also increased compared to previous.

We will try to mitigate this situation by adding as much inventory as possible.If some friends are really unwilling to wait for the order, please feel free to tell us, I will arrange a refund for you or change to other model.

We will do our best to provide the high quality service to you.

There is no perfect replica, only your favorite replica.