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Hello everyone, I am Steve, I am back.

I have written comparison post after comparison post, I've bought and sold genuine watches, I've sold them and bought them again, even the battery inside the magnifying glass has been changed countless times,

the supermarket bosses have asked me why the battery consumption is so big, I said I want to see the details, LOL. Recently realised that I have not been able to do the comparison of the all-gold style, that is really a dereliction of duty.

A gold watch is a stage in a man's life that he must go through. It is also a style that no one can avoid, so today it comes, without a doubt, this task is of course to be given to the most representative of the big gold Rolex Day-Date,

mentioning the gold watch, the vast majority of people think of the first is certainly it, after all, this series has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, whether in advertising or film have its figure. it was in the films that I got to know it when I was young.

We use the genuine is from 22 years of 228238-0059 agate dial, because the replica market has not factory release this agate dial,

so the replica models we are using the regular dial 228238-0004, then let us start,This is an issue of gold glitter comparison, everyone pay attention to protect your eyes, do not be flashed . LOL.

Front Dial View



Natural light view


Light View

First of all, let's explain that the agate dial is smooth, with a gold rim for the calendar and week window, and eliminates the minute circle on the dial, whereas the regular dial is radialized.

Take advantage of this issue's comparisons,We can compare the colours of Wrap Gold,and for this purpose I have taken a GM and made a Wraping Gold.

It is easy to see the difference in the view. The gold colour of GM and BP is too dark, whereas EW is much better and very bright. Although they are both electroplated, there are differences between the factories.

After GM Wraping Gold., the brightness is obviously increased, compared to EW will be a little bit brighter, the colour is also the closest to Gen, so want to gold colour feel the smallest difference, it is best to Wrap Gold treatment. Of course, I have to admit that the colour of EW gold plating is really very good.

Bezel View



To the naked eye there is nothing wrong with Bezels, but after careful comparison there is a subtle difference, the tips of Gen‘s teeth are a little more rounded, All the factorys are a little too pointy.

Comparatively speaking, the lines of EW are visually more pronounced and closer to Gen.

Crystal Side View

The chamfering of the edges is a regular detail, and all the factories are excellent,But the Crystals all seem to be slightly taller.

Crown and Stick View





The crowns are all in good shape, Gen's stick are genuine diamonds, All the factory are zirconia, and when I compare them side by side, I find that there is not really a big visual difference, except that the genuine diamonds shine better under the light.

By zooming in and comparing, GM and BP are a little better than EW, which have an overly visible crystal tube inside.In addition, there is a small problem with all factories, the snaps on the face of stick are a little on the long side.

Oil Front View





The colours of three factories are almost the same, they are a little bit brighter than Gen. This is not a big problem, within the acceptable range, the surface of Gen is a little bit more granular and more delicate.

Middle Axis View



The Middle Axis of Gen is pleasing to the eye,We wouldn't have to be too hard on this, EW would be a little better, GM and BP solid parts are too deep.
Week window view

This model of Gen comes with a gold rim, which is not present on regular dial , so we won't compare the window shape. Looking mainly at the side view, EW has almost no height, GM and BP have no problems.

Weekly Font View






There is no need to care about the position, the replica is certainly not Gen so centred, as long as it is not drastically shifted are acceptable, QC when checking clearly on it, for the three-dimensionality of the font and the degree of regularity, GM and BP to be better, EW zoomed in to see the presence of burrs.

Calendar window view

There is no problem with shape and height, the edges are also chamfered, EW has a blue coating as does Gen. Gen just doesn't photograph the blue effect because of the angle, GM and BP don't, We can refer to the comparison chart at the beginning of article.

Rehaut View

Of the three factories, EW has a little better clarity, and the engraving marks on the surface are the same as Gen's.

Crown Side View


We can see that the inside of Gen is also gold-coloured when it is in the winding position after the crown has been unscrewed, and all three factories have apparently ignored this position, which can be hidden. If it had been wrap gold, this position would have been gold-coloured as well,I forgot to take a picture so explain it.

Case Side View

There is nothing wrong with the shape of middle case, from this view we can clearly see that all the factory’s Crystals are a little too high.

Endlink Side View

From the height difference between the bracelet and the lugs suggests that EW's are a little closer, but in reality this position is not too much of a concern.

Caseback View





We mainly look at the engraving above the lugs, first of all, to explain to you, Rolex in 2020 before the production of 18K precious metal models, the engraving is 750,

the libra logo in the middle of the 750 numbers, and 2020 years after the production of the use of the latest AU750 engraving,

and the librae logo in the middle of the absence of the 750 numbers, our Gen is the 2022 years, the use of the latest engraving, and all the factories are corresponding to the old version.

Overall, EW has better engraving, deep and three-dimensional, especially the dog's head logo, which has some grain on the surface now .

Also, we look at the screws that are leaking out, EW is gold color as Gen, but GM and BP have both ignored them. They use silver screws ,And that will be addressed in the wrapped gold treatment.

Bracelet Details View




The engraving on the Bracelet corresponds to the lugs, which I won't explain, but the GM and BP dog's head is really sloppy, it doesn't really matter, because even if the engraving looks similar, it is still easily distinguishable under magnification.

Laser Mark View

Movement View

GM and BP are equipped with asian 2836 movement, also available in the A3255 movement version, and EW with A3255 movement.

Data Comparison View



Note: All measurements are in a clamped state, and there may be tolerance due to slight deviations in the position of the caliper.

There is nothing to say about the size, the main weight, Gen removed a sections of Bracelet, the actual total weight to 210 grams, BP and EW are steel and gold plating,

so the weight difference will be so much, GM is a tungsten steel counterweight version,, than BP and EW 40 grams heavier, although compared to Gen there is still 40 grams of difference,

but at least there is a certain sense of weight, will not feel light and fluffy. In addition, there is another point to explain to you, the weight of the wraped gold version of GM has not increased,

this is because in the wraped gold need to scrape off the surface of the gold plating, and then wrapped, so there will be no increase in the weight of GM.

Well, this is today’s post, thank you guys for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replicas and GEN, which is for you guys to better choose your favorite replicas.

(Note: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the angle of the light. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)

There is no perfect replica, only your favorite replica.