Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.

I am back with colorful colors. We have already made the comparison of the regular Oyster Perpetual model last year.

This time I bring the comparison of the most expensive Oyster Perpetual model at present, which is the Celebration Oyster Perpetual, it is also called Balloon Oyster Perpetual.

Although some friends already know that the best choice for this model is Clean, it is necessary to include other factories for a comprehensive comparison.

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison, so let’s see the performance of this model from other factories as well.

Forgive my nagging opening, no more nonsense, let's get started.

Front Dial View


View under Lamplight


View under Natural light



View under Sunlight
For models with colored dial, color is the most important. Whose color is closer to GEN, then the winner will obviously be tilted towards the model with better color from the beginning.

To put it exaggeratedly, if the color difference of other factories is too large, then although our comparison has just begun, it is actually finished.

Needless to say, the eyes don't lie. We can see that Clean's color control is quite good and almost impeccable. It is highly similar to GEN in all different environments.

Strictly speaking, it is slightly lighter than GEN, but such a slight color difference is obviously not important anymore, at least in terms of look and feel, the colors presented by Clean are charming.

GM and BP are obviously too light and have a silvery light feel, while EW is too dark, and even the color difference of the balloons on the dial is very different.

Bezel View




There is no problem with the shape of bezel. After all, the Balloon Oyster Perpetual and the regular Oyster Perpetual have the same case shape.

Even if the factory does not use mold-making, they could use the regular case directly.

Crystal View


Have you ever heard of Blade? I would like to call Clean a chamfered warrior. The crystal edge chamfering of Clean is the most obvious, and it is also same for other models from Clean.

The other three factories are similar.

Crown and Stick View





For the crown, the curvature of the lower edge of EW’s mouth is too rounded. There is no problem with the other three factories. For the stick, I think they are similar, there is nothing to fault.

Mimeograph Front View





Clean is not only a chamfering warrior, but also a mimeograph veteran. Clean has always maintained excellent mimeograph details.

Although they all look similar without zooming in, when we zoom in for comparison, Clean’s regularity is indeed very good, it is even not worse than GEN.

Other factories can clearly see that the edges of the fonts are not flat when zooming in. This is the gap in details.

By the way, let’s talk about the balloon graphics on the dial. It is not difficult to find that Clean and GEN have a smooth surface, while GM and BP show dot-like textures.

EW’s green balloons are more exaggerated, with irregular textures similar to cells.

Central Axle View


There is no clear winner in the shape of the central axle. The shape of the leaking sleeve is similar among the four factories, but it is still a little different from GEN.

Relatively speaking, Clean and GM are better, at least they look flatter and smoother, while BP is a little yellow and EW has flaws and gaps.

Luminous Fill View

The graininess of the hands is almost the same.

GM and BP are still the old habits. The luminous filling of sticks is smooth. Clean has the strongest graininess, which is no different from GEN. EW is also good.

Rehaut View

The fonts’s of EW seem to be a bit bigger, Crown is also same. The shading of Clean and EW is more densely carved, so it feels better when you zoom in, while GM and BP will look a bit blurry.

Crown View


There is nothing to talk about in this part. The four factories all use one-gear position movement. There is no calendar ghost position.

The crown of Clean’s model was not pulled out when shooting. so I explained it here.

Case Side View

Endlink View

Whether it is the inner or outer edge curvature, Clean is obviously the best one and it is almost same as GEN.

Other factories are a little sloppy, especially the lower end of the outer edge does not show a height difference.

In addition, let’s focus on the first photo. The endlink of GM and BP are obviously too long.

The first link of bracelet is not inside the lug, but below the lug, so GM and BP use the wrong endlink parts. This is really a bit inattentive.

Caseback View

I’ve seen a lot of Rolex casebacks and they all look the same, so there is really no need to comment, haha.

Bracelet and Buckle Details View     





For the buckle engraving, Clean is obviously the best. The font shape and size are well controlled, and the engraving marks and clarity are also better.

Laser Marker and Luminous View

Movement View

Clean, GM, and BP all use VR3230 movement, while EW still uses its old friend Hangzhou movement, A3230 movement.

Everyone has also seen EW's A3235 movement. Both movements are made in Hangzhou Movement factory.

Whether the movement similarity or stability, VR3230 is definitely better.
Data comparison chart



Note: All watches are measured in a clamped state, and there may be errors due to the slight deviation of the position of the caliper.

Well, today's post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to complete it. Welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replica watches and GEN’s. And it is also for you to choose the favorite models conveniently.

Illustration: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the light source. For details, please refer to the content. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large, you can download it and enlarge it for comparison.

There is no perfect replica, only the one you prefer.