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Thought we have Thousands of favorites,And Audemars Piguet must will catch your eyes due to its its noble name and broke out traditional but distinctive looks.hard to prevent falling in love with it.

Though in replica market, its sale volume is far less than the rolex hot sell models, its at least on the first echelon of the top replica.

Since many friends love him, choosed him and compared him, then how can i ignore him, i will must do this comparasion whatever how busy and tired, i cannot be lazy on it. otherwise you guys will thought i dont love him.

Our previous is comparasion, this time i would rather to call it "The Big Melle" Not only are there many contestants, but you guys can also see there are many differents from the above side-by-side comparison picture. so melle will be more suitable.

Bear the brunt, the two ace player,ZF and APSF must be invloved. Then we select the IPF and MP,Furthermore,i included the SW dial and Follow up instal it into one of ZF.

As the saying goes, when we meet on a narrow road, the brave one wins.lets see Whose royal bloodline is the purest? and who will win and laught at the last after this comparasion.

Front dial view
Light dial view



Natural dial view




With gen Side-by-side comparison view
In this era of looking at faces, Being good-looking is certainly an advantage, but on the replica, The color of the dial is obviously the top priority .

however while the color difference is inevitable and everyone is different, this will become less important instead.

Comparatively speaking, ZF, APS and MP will be better, at least they are the blue, and what's your opinion , or while more considerate the dial color, which factory will you prefer?

IPF and SW was a little bit Outrageous, IPF is more Purple tint, SW is more black tint

We could see the gen dial with the sunburst effect, ZF, APS, IP all not obvious, the MP and SW on this part are more outstanding, their Radial patterns are very strong.

Dial details


We must to say, for the AP Tapisserite pattern dial, replica market did a good job, Under such a high-definition lens, the factories didnt have obvious defects.

its dotted texture on the bottom of the dial and the texture on the checkered surface are all synchronized with Gen.

But it seems the small edge on the small checkered surface are more a little bit sleek, and SW is more shape and square, But overall i think on the checkered dial part, APS and MP are better.

Minute marker circle view


Lets enlarge the pictures, the GEN minute markes circle in the surface shows circular texture, APS and SW processed Synchronizly,

other three factories are just Omitted this step, on the white mimeograph scale, In terms of overall shape and fullness, ZF and SW are better on this part.

AP logo and markers view





IP factory AP logo is more sleek, second is the SW, this actually makes the difference with the gen,and other three factories didnt have this difference, look carefully, ZF edge chamfer are more closer to Gen.

Furthermore, IPF sticker scale also have something wrong on its shape, the upper and lower ends are obviously pointed, SW its upper and lower edges are also a bit wider.

Other three factorires follow the gen, its shape and length are correct, there is no need to distinguish which one is good and which one is bad, at least i cannot find the differnce.

Luminous filling part, except the MP has a certain graininess, other factory are too smooth, and on the color part, MP are also more closer to gen, second is APS and SW, ZF and IPF is more cream white, we could see the GEN is cool white

Mimeographed view



In terms of comprehensive fullness and regularity, ZF mimeograph process control is the best, second is the APS and MP, IPF is more thin,looks a little bit blur,

actually the SW has a good three-dimensional sense, but its word has obvious cracking defects on 6 clock, Maybe it's just an individual quality issue

Calendar window view

All good on its shape, but under compared, ZF and MP are better, APS a little bit dirty, also maybe just individual case, it doesn't matter, IPF and SW was a little bit Strange, its window frame obvious is black.

Lume view
I took a look carefully,it seems a little bit difference with the gen lume colors, the GEN green is more brighter, all replica are all a little bit darker blue,

this may also be related to light source absorption, but it doesnt matter, it is all green colors, the slightly difference on this part wont make a practical impact.

Bezel view


Lets looked at the picture 1, Pay attention to the distance between the bezel and the upper edge of the case , the IPF obviously are too wider, and there is no problem with the other three factories.they have the same distance with the Gen one.

Bezel screws View
The Gen screws have sunk significantly, top part lower than bezel, factories also synchronize with this part, and relatively,the APS one is most sinking

Crystal side view

Due to there is a slightly difference in the shooting angle, checked the crystal side view height from the Compared pictures,it will feel some factories a little bit lower,

while some a little bit higher, but inn fact,the side height of the crystal is almost the same as Gen, didnt have an obvious height difference.

Central Axial View


We had saw a lot of axial of rolex one, this is my first time to see a so clear and close view of the Ap Centre Axial , The GEN use a solid central axis,

its solid round axial size is relatively large, but all the replicas are not so good, only the ZF had Synchronized the solid center axis,thought the sleeves had a weld marks there, but from whatever its front or side view, the overall shape is already very close to GEN.

 Calender View




Here we didn't talk much on whether the calendar position sit centred or not, after all, asked for a perfect date position is too strict and hard for a replica one, i think it was acceptable only there is no obvious off.

Regards for the calendar numbers, IPF Is not full enough, the other three factories do a pretty good job.

Crown side view


The AP Hexagonal crown shape looks handsome,but a little bit tough and Sting on your fingers when wind,

There are no problem on the shapes, And the IPF’S AP logo didnt engraved deep enough, it will look less clear and three-dimensional than other factories.

Case side view

Case shape are all consistent with the Gen,no obvious defect there, The most intuitive thing is to rely on data to reveal, Let’s look at the data comparison at the end of article.and know who’s case is the most accurate restoration.

Endlink view
The GEN end link is slightly flexible to move around, ZF has the greatest range of motion,even larger than the GEN, this is a good thing,

after all, it will more fits the wrist , The other three factories are similar with each other, all can move but not too much motion.

Back base case view



Here would explain to all, the screws on the back case are arranged irregularly after tightening, So does the GEN, at the same time, all the screws will lower than the back case, which is the case in all the factories.

IPF and MP its engraving was deficiency or not clearly, the main reason is his background texture are not the black color, so the difference is huge compared to Gen.

Bracelet and buckle details view





The AP bracelet due to its style structure will feel a little bit tough and scratchy on hands while compared to other brand bracelet,

The GEN Polished better on the chamfer,but still a little bit scratchy,and the replicas are definitely cannot be at as good as the gen,

they will be more scratchy,this is understandable, so its good for everybody knows that, dont thought it was due to the difference batches issue or bad bracelet quality.

Movement view

Ap Replica market, the Royal Oak 15500 is most popular one, this is due to the replica market has a superclone SA4130,

After all with the advantage of the superclone movement, though the model itself not restored perfectly, At least the stability of the movement can be guaranteed,That is why it will be given priority by everyone.

ZF, APS, IP all adopt the SA4130, so they are similar on price, ZF and APS was a little bit expensive, After all,on this comparison,

IPF its details are nferior to ZF and APS, While the MP takes the affordable policy.in order to control the cost and lower the sell price, it used the A4302 movement( decorated based on the 9015 to copy the gen).
Data comparison chart



Note: All watches are measured in a clamped state, and there may be errors due to the slight deviation of the position of the caliper.

Well, today's post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to complete it. Welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replica watches and GEN’s. And it is also for you to choose the favorite models conveniently.

Illustration: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the light source. For details, please refer to the content. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large, you can download it and enlarge it for comparison.


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